Andaru Baagundali Andulo Nenu Undali Movie

Everyone likes to watch comedy movies, action movies, thriller movies, etc. But what about informative movies which denote the problems of real life? Such movies hold a special position among all others because they are movies everyone should watch. Usually, family movies bring out a good lesson for every viewer.

Andaru Baagundali Andulo Nenu Undali is an informative film that tells us the real impact of social media on people’s lives. It is a good movie to watch with your family, as it provides good information to all those addicted to social media. The movie is currently streaming on aha, and you can watch it with a subscription.

The cast of Andaru Baagundali Andulo Nenu Undali 

Andaru Baagundali Andulo Nenu Undali is directed by Kiran SriPuram, and the main cast members include Naresh as Srinivasa Rao and Ali as Sameer. The other cast members are Mouryani, Pavithra Lokesh, Manju Bhargavi, Manu, Tanikella Bharani, etc.

Andaru Bagundali Andulo Nenundali Review Ali Naresh Pavithra Lokesh |  ఆహా'లో నరేష్ - పవిత్ర భార్యాభర్తలుగా నటించిన మూవీ రిలీజ్.. ఎలా ఉందంటే? News  in Telugu

The story of Andaru Baagundali Andulo Nenu Undali

The movie Andaru Baagundali Andulo Nenu Undali starts with Srinivasa Rao, a middle-class man with hearing and speech impairments leading a simple life. The important part of the movie starts when he falls asleep on a passenger train, where Sameer and other people think he is a drunkard. Sameer posts Rao’s photo on social media, labelling him a drunkard.

Srinivasa Rao faces a lot of problems because of this social media post. He loses his job and is recognized by all the people as a drunkard. Later he files a case against this post. Sameer, unaware of Rao’s condition initially, feels sorry for him and starts to fear the case.

The highlights of Andaru Baagundali Andulo Nenu Undali

Andaru Baagundali Andulo Nenu Undali is a remake of the Malayalam film Vikruthi, showing a big social media problem these days. This movie’s primary highlight is a single social media post by Sameer falsely labeling Rao as a drunkard. The post destroys Rao’s and his family’s image in society. It is a good informative film that clearly depicts one of the real-life problems that can happen to anyone. 

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